/ meta.

"A crinkle (/ˈkrɪŋk(ə)l/) is a wrinkle or crease on a surface. It highlights personality and uniqueness."

Welcome to my playground! As a Front-end Engineer I love tinkering around. If you regularly visit, you will see many small things change. I am always trying new things to improve this website. I also take extra care to ensure this is my website, by adding some personal favorite crinkles. Some of my favorite that currently can be found on this website are:

  • A vibrant color-scheme on top of a dark-mode only website applied in different ways.
  • Carefully selected typography around readability of text and code examples.
  • Small personal touches throughout the website, like the , or page transitions
  • Boxes to highlight extra information in my writing for those interested.
  • A fluid experience across screen sizes, which you will only notice if you actively resize your screen.
  • Modern CSS patterns to enhance the responsiveness of the website.

The current version of this website is created using SvelteKit and my own (S)CSS framework called Feo, based on CUBE CSS.